New way of building RC planes


Download your model files and assembly guide immediately after the purchase.


Kraga models are designed the way that even basic 3D printers can print them.


All printed parts are joined together using glue and carbon spars. After the assembly is done whole structure is covered with covering film.


Hundreds of hours have been spent designing the planes that are not only printable, but also provide outstanding flight performance.

Kraga Kodo


  • wingspan: 160 cm
  • length: 98 cm
  • ready to fly weight: 850 g
  • wing area: 0.25 m2
  • motor size: ⌀ up to 30 mm
  • required RC: 5 channel (4 channel for glider)
  • printer build volume: 15 x 15 x 10 cm
  • printing material: irrelevant
  • weight of printed parts: 418 g
  • parts count: 52
  • printing time: 55 h - 75 h
  • price: $24.90
Kodo review maiden flight successful

Kodo is designed to provide predictable flight characteristics. It is suitable also for beginners and can be flown at wide range of speeds and weather conditions.

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Motor or pure glider? Just print both.

kodo both fuse

New design combines light and flexible parts printed on 3D printer with strength of carbon spars. End result is light and strong plane with smooth finish capable of absorbing high impact energy.

kodo wing top