Roa is an embodiment of my childhood dream. I always wanted to build huge, elegant, slow flying glider, to enjoy thermals in sunny afternoon. I also wanted to find out what are the limits of the technology that I'm using to make my planes.

The size turned out to be huge challenge, but I really believed it can be done.
Although I spend almost 2 years working on this plane, I cannot release it because I failed to make the wing strong enough.

What are actually the issues that forced me to give up? Despite the wing being 3.4 meter long, it can resist bending forces very well. Twisting forces are the issue here.
As the speed of the plane goes up, the wing starts to wobble, which is putting a lot of stress on the wing and tears it apart. This is really only an issue in high speeds, when using motor on full power or during deep dives.
Perhaps in the future I will come up with some kind of structural improvement.

Despite of the fact that this plane is not up for sale, I made a page for it as a honorable mention of my work. I simply didn't want to throw so much of my life behind, so here I'm at least mentioning it and I have to admit, that I'm also kind of proud that I made it.

  • wingspan: 344 cm
  • length: 1380 cm
  • ready to fly weight: 1890 g
  • wing area: 0.68 m2
  • motor size: ⌀ up to 37 mm
  • required RC: 7 channel
  • printer build volume: 15 x 15 x 10 cm
  • printing material: irrelevant
  • weight of printed parts: 872 g
  • parts count: 140
  • printing time: 154 h
  • price: not for sale         
KRAGA Roa collage