Tere is small hand launch glider. I designed it to simply have some fun with my son. Excellent choice also for everybody who wants just to get his feet wet in planes 3D printing.

It has simple tail construction to save weight and it excels in the most important area of hand launched gliders: it is almost unbreakable. It is really astonishing what this tiny plane can survive.

Ideal weekend project with kids. They can learn something new. The build is simple and fast. And in the end you can enjoy some outdoor time together.

Check out Tere thread on RCGroups

  • wingspan: 70 cm
  • length: 47 cm
  • ready to fly weight: 65 g
  • wing area: 0.057 m2
  • printer build volume: 10 x 10 x 10 cm
  • printing material: irrelevant
  • weight of printed parts: 49 g
  • parts count: 14
  • printing time: 8 h - 9 h
  • price: $4.90          Buy
KRAGA Tere collage

What else do you need - your shopping list:

shopping list
part dimensions count
carbon tube ⌀ 2x1 mm   ↔ 1 m 2
covering film 1 ↔ 0.5 m 1
airgun pellets 2 ⌀ 0.177 Cal (4.5 mm) 12
1 You can use also packaging tape to cover the plane
2 You can use other kind of ballast: metal screws, fishing weights ...
To find out where to get carbon material check how to.